Spring Break College Coeds

Looks like spring break for the college coeds because there sure are a few hot babes in this shot.  Of course, the first one I notice is the blondie with her ass facing the camera.  Wow, talk about a small bikini bottom.  It looks like part of her pussy is showing through that tiny strip of fabric in the front.  I wish I could just reach right out and pull over to the side that small piece of material on her crotch!  Then there’s her friend net to her.  She’s got a great ass, and it looks like she’s got sexy tits too.  I like the expression on her face – like she knows she’s totally hot.  Then there’s the college coed in the front with the pretty pink bikini bottom on.  She’s got a great ass, too.  Yeah, this picture is full of college coeds with fuckable asses.
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California Beach Babe

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I don’t know where this girl is from but I imagine it’s California. She has the look of a California beach babe, like she spends her days lying around in a bikini and her nights getting drunk with her college friends and fooling around. In this picture she’s inside the beach house she and her friends are renting for the summer wearing a very cute, if mismatched bikini. She has a nice tan, a sweet smile and the kind of curly hair that I find exceptionally sexy. What do you think of it? What do you think of this college coed as a whole?

The best part of renting a beach house is the fun that goes on at night and this young babe and her friends are having a blast. Usually they make a bonfire on the beach and get buzzed on beer and/or vodka. The number of guys and girls at the house is equal and most nights everyone is paired off and fooling around. It’s college and the amateur chicks are interested in experimenting with new guys and new things. The guys are just happy to have a shot at such beautiful chicks. College is good times and this young amateur coed is soaking it all up.

No Nude Sunbathing

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This babe will probably fit the description Nude Humor. But since I’m from Europe, where topless (or even nude) sunbathing is allowed. Why is topless sunbathing not allowed in the states ? Correct me if I’m wrong, but i have a few friends living in the states and they said that’s allowed on some beaches. Is it because of the fact that you don’t want your children to see naked boobies ? Like they care, they are probably busy with burying sponge bob in the sand.. ?
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